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i-Ella – THE LIST – Weekend in the Hamptons Theme Bag

This is my first i-Ella, THE LIST, Bag – I ordered the $59 starter bag (there are 3 options: Starter for 59. Soho for 129 and St. Barth’s for $389). I really wanted the St. Barth’s bag, but before biting off the really hefty price tag of $389, I needed to know this would be spectacular. I really really really wanted to like this bag, but alas, I really really didn’t.


The theme of this bag was “Weekend in the Hamptons: What will you wear?” The packaging was nice and it came with a letter explaining the products and estimated value.

The bag contained the following:

Devon Pavlovits necklace. This was a very thin, fine, nice necklace, but I never would have valued it at $70 (and I saw it on line for $62). It’s something I would give to my daughter (5) or nieces (10 & 14), but for me, it was not so great. Just pretty. Nothing special.20130607-172353.jpg

Next were samples of “Farmhouse Fresh.” 3 sample packets. I can take these on a business trip I’m going on this week. They value it and nothing, as do I. They are nice to haves, but as add-ons, not as a main part of the bag as they are pitched.

Third was a nail polish from “Priti NYC.” I’ve been getting a lot of nail polish in these boxes and I don’t really wear polish much, but this is a nice, turquoise toe color, so I think I will keep it. I-Ella lists the value $13.50, but you can get them on the site for 10 bucks.

I also got some medi-tan product samples, which I’d give no value and won’t use. i-Ella valued at $5.


I also got 2 SW Basics of Brooklyn samples. I was only supposed to get the toner, but I also got a scrub, which was nice. However, the value is listed at $12 and I would imagine this would be for full size – again, I got 2 samples. I will use these, but really don’t give them more than $6 in value.

Finally were 4 Herbal Essentials lemon towelettes and 2 pet towelettes. Only in the Hamptons would someone use a dog towelette, so I guess there are theme suitable. But again, this was valued at $10 and I can’t believe someone would pay 10 bucks for 6 towelettes. A twenty count bag on their site is 16, so you do the math – I’m bad at it, but seems to me that they come out at less than a dollar a pop instead of about a buck fifty.

So being generous, for $59, I got about $70 – 80 dollars worth of stuff. An okay value, but the contents disappointed me and I think that i-Ella¬†20130607-172348.jpgreally over-estimated the values in their letter. I’m not really inclined to get this again and I definitely wouldn’t get the more expensive bags with this as my20130607-172359.jpg¬†barometer. Too bad. I did really want to like this a lot more and try the next level up.

Remind me to review my New Beauty Test Tube – now that was a good one!

Have you gotten i-Ella bags, especially Soho or St. Barths? What did you think?

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